Rock9 Digital was established in 2011 in San Diego, California. Rock 9 Digital is the only Digital Marketing Agency to offer an integrated approach without boundaries. Have you ever wondered why digital agencies bring 5 people to meetings, sometimes more? The fact of the matter is that very few multidisciplinary training programs exist to groom Paid Search people into Digital Marketers without boundary. If your sales or weekly meeting is an 'all-hands-on-deck' then you should be concerned that maybe your campaign management is just as inefficient. Rock 9 Digital surpasses it's competition by being nimble and autonomous to the rules of other Digital Marketing Agencies. We offer flexible rates, terms, and campaign tactics to appeal to the business with growth in mind. Our credo is to dismiss the self-indulgence of marketing fluff, and just do the stuff that works. If we recommend a tactic to our client, it's because we would do the same for ourselves.



    If you are not appealing to your contingency via mobile devices, you could be missing out on a huge revenue stream. Today’s Digital approach should not be device restricted. Rock 9 overturns every virtual stone, creating a world of opportunity that may have laid waste within the old regime of agency knowledge.



    If you have spent enough time marketing online, you’ll have an opinion of banner advertising. The first banner ad was clicked by over 75% of the users that viewed it because of it’s tremendous novelty. The web community has since changed, but has your strategy? Rock 9 Digital understands the non-linear nature of digital advertising, presenting your company as a gleaming gem among a swollen marketplace of misplaced design and tactics.



    Nobody has a clear picture where Search Marketing will be in 10 years, not even Google. If you are investing your marketing budget with a campaign that wont bear fruit for several years, your time, effort, and expense might all be for naught. Dynamic shifts between real-time keyword strategy and long term discipline will allow your ship to sail unlike an aircraft carrier, and more like a fleet of Destroyers.



    No other marketing channel has the power of influence like Social Media. At the point of friend-friend recommendation, juxtaposing relevant brand message and product suggestion becomes an extremely advantageous play. Make the most return by exposing your highest quality content to the most received audiences at the most imperative times. Social Media Advertising is about precision and intelligence.

We find major wins in verticals and then exploit them for maximum growth.

About this Blog // Rock9 Digital prides ourselves on transparency and telling you like it is. No BS here on this blog. Just straight talk about lead generation and digital marketing trends.


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    Solar Energy in San Diego

    San Diego Solar

    We’ve carved ourselves a nice little niche.

    Over the last several years of business we have had the opportunity to work on a number of key performance marketing projects, but none have been greater than our exposure to the Solar Power industry.  Early on, we identified that there were key web trends that alerted us to potential growth in the space, combined with social and political climatic factors, we now know our decision was wise in aligning ourselves with partners in the space.

    After spending considerable amount of time, marketing and generating demand for Solar, we decided to invest our money in a mega directory of solar panel providers, to further cement our positioning and increase margins.  This was the first step in putting both feet in energy, so to speak.

    What’s next in Solar and Green Energy?  Solar City is making a major play to commoditize clean energy.  This is an issue for the small distributors that have been active penetrating neighborhood markets.  The question will remain, is the Green Energy space big enough yet for a Walmart-style approach?  Consumers will be the make or break.


    If you have an interest in partnering with us or need a Home Solar Power recommendation (we know most of the big players), let us know!



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    Every good marketer knows that ad relevancy plays a major role in generating user intent. In simpler terms, when ads make sense in context to the world around us, we are more likely to be interested in their message, and even further, may actually formatively think fondly of a brand that catches us at the ‘right time’ with the ‘right words’.

    Ads invade the home

    In the digital ecosystem there are a number of ways we guess and test this formula. Let’s use ‘coffee’ as an example.

    1) We wait for someone to conduct a search for coffee… and then we pummel them with digital ads.
    2) We wait for someone to read web content about coffee… and then we pummel them with a digital ads.
    3) We target a certain group of people that we expect to be the most likely to buy and enjoy our coffee… and we pummel them with digital ads.
    4) We make you become our friend because we talk like you talk and entertain you…and then we pummel you with promotions.

    I think you get the point. If you’re generating demand at scale, you’re likely doing so with disruption. Sure, there are needle in the haystack growth-hack scenarios, but the rest of the marketing world has to work pretty hard for customer acquisition.

    As some old ‘folky’ rock guy once said, ‘the world is changing, and whatnot’ (abbrev). Our ad methodology isn’t necessarily changing, but the serving technology will soon give us a remarkable capability that could have previously only have been dreamt up by a heavy drinking sesh with David Ogilvy (Agency Genius) and Nostradamus (Futurist).

    ‘The Internet of things’! It’s the phrase du-jour; but what it really means is that we are making ourselves connected to the grid and increasingly reliant on gadgets to care for us, and be at our beckon call.

    At what price? Today, you might buy a Google Nest device for around $250 and a Bluetooth Enabled Smartlock for around $220, but just wait until advertisers become an intermediary. We can make those things free for you…

    Introducing ‘free’ home appliances: the future of advertising with the advantage of ultimate relevancy.

    Join me on this crazy vision for a moment; with an intermediary advertising conduit, your everyday devices could be retrofit with appropriately sized, wi-fi enabled, touch screen LCD’s that act as the backbone of the appliances operating system. Would you like to brew a medium roast? Go ahead and push the button as you normally might on your Keurig. While you wait, we will offer you a stream of ads from participating brands.  All of this tech exists in our world today.

    The timing, as you smell your coffee, and become more alert for your day could render an unparalleled universe of brand equity.

    From home base, the mothership can measure ads served, time-stamping, and the concurrent product programmed in the appliance as the ad streams. Do you start your coffee at 8:55AM and then the toaster at 9:06? We’d know, and can predictively serve ads across appliances.

    AD Toaster

    ‘Wait, before you fire up that toaster with that boring Wonder Bread! Have you thought about trying Toaster Strudels?’

    When the consumer adopts more free appliances in trade for your eyeballs, the possibilities become limitless in how you can turn the mundane into the influenced.

    This may be disturbing at first to consider that ads may invade our home and be particularly more involved in our daily mundane. The fact of the matter is, we’re already there. App downloads reveal consumption behavior and also predispositions that advertisers are leveraging every day. Mobile devices are the lifeblood and advertisers are in the veins.

    Will people gratefully accept ‘free’ product in exchange for ads? The people have spoken…Free Apps for Download

    Who will it be to step up to the plate and form a new wave of FREE things that people want and need; the manufacturers, big box stores, boutique performance agencies, or perhaps a crafty innovator with nothing to lose? Only time will tell.


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    In the near future, lead generation will be a Sci-Fi nightmare!

    Affiliate Marketing Drone

    You’ve just picked up energy cells from Home Depot and are exiting the store.  Your wearable device ‘Bloops’ as Home Depot charges your account when you reach the doorway.

    Your autonomous vehicle whirs to life as you come within 200ft of it, and the back hatch opens so that you can load your purchases into the trunk.

    “DAMN, not again,” you exclaim as the identifiable buzz of a drone circles within earshot.  On queue, you receive a push notification on your wearable.  It’s a drone, and they’ve targeted you based on your purchases from Home Depot and have asked permission to stream special offers.  The floating copter has already photographed you, and facially recognized you across your plethora of social networking profiles, but you duck under the hatch of your car in the hopes that you can shake the Bluetooth signal.  No such luck, looks like you’re going to have to endure the: 15 second optic feed from some 3D printed home-builders affiliate marketing campaign.

    Could drones really terrorize our personal space as we shop, eat, relax, and travel? 

    I believe that without critical and technological sanctions on such activities, it will be inevitable.  The FAA is well ahead of the pace on this, but it doesn’t mean there won’t be loopholes.

    Amazon spun a world of discussion as they announced earlier in the year that they were planning the use of drones as a package delivery solution.  They’ve since continued testing and ramping up capabilities with the intention of launching the aforementioned service.  Expect Prime Air as early as 2015.

    For the rest of us, precedence has been set.   Media companies are taking advantage of the journalistic leverage provided by drones, and Amazon is half a year from monetizing them in product fulfillment.

    The affiliates won’t be far behind; I can assure you of that.  They never are.  If there is blue sky opportunity, with relatively low barriers to entry, expect the affiliates.

    Here’s how I would setup a drone for lead capture or offer promotion, if I was so recklessly inclined to do so…

    Step 1: Drones can be purchased for a few hundred dollars, the ones that can be fitted with cameras are on the pricier end, but I believe it would be necessary to perform the tasks required for data collection and promotion.  The DJI Phantom would be my likely choice as it’s the only drone with integrated live remote video streaming from up to 980 feet away on your mobile.  You could probably build it out on other platforms, but why hassle with it.  It’s also robust enough and has a place for you to mount a mobile phone.

    Step 2: Attach a mobile device to the drone for Bluetooth hacking (or Bluejacking) and enable its use remotely through a remote access app (there are several of them).

    Step 3: Now with a mobile access point and a POV, you can physically target people based on visible demographics or in-hand/known purchases and send them backdoor messaging.  You realistically could engage in real-time (automated) conversations with your targets until you capture the appropriate data.

    Do you have an immediate offer or coupon for a cleaning supply? 

    Send it to the lady that has just purchased the laminate flooring with a redemption code.

    Is there a mobile offer for debt consolidation? 

    Whiz by the gentleman leaving the Checks Cashed store and drop him a line to CALL US NOW!

    Are mortgage rates now at an astounding 3.2% and preparing to rise?

    Hover and then land on an open house and surprise all of its attendees with a timely recommendation and permission to use her phone number or email in a return response.

    The only real disruption if you were to start doing this TOMORROW would be the always unreliable battery life of gadgets.  Maybe keep two drones on hand so that you can rotate them over the course of a day.  But in a busy parking lot with a camera allowing for the affiliate to be remote controlling, there’s reason to believe that a two person affiliate team can make a considerable amount of conversions in real time.   What lucrative fun!

    Fear the sky, consumers!  The drones are coming and there is very little we can do to halt their progress.

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